Some of these workshops are still being finalised so the details may change:  keep an eye out for anything new.

The Spoons Orchestra:  Patti Smith, ably assisted by Ned Clamp, will be teaching the skills of spoons-playing.  For the last two years, the resulting Spoons Orchestra has been a great hit during Patti & Ned’s stage performances.

Children’s storytelling:  Sue Bailey will be leading storytelling for our younger
Harmony singing:  we are hoping that Jude Rees will repeat the highly popular workshop that she ran last year.  This resulted in an impromptu performance, which was very impressive indeed.

Song writing:  we are hoping that one of our performers will reveal the secrets of writing successful folk songs.  Hush-hush at the moment, but more will be revealed later.

Morris dancing:  we have several Morris teams who dance at the festival and we are planning to run one or more introductory session.  There are several dance styles and traditions represented at the festival so at the moment we are not sure which will be presented, but the idea will be to introduce absolute beginners to Morris.

Didgeridoo and djembe: one of our resident Didgeridoo players, Joe Cauldwell, will be giving individual tuition on these instruments and this will be an opportunity to play one of Joe’s fine hand-made didges.

Craft:  the craft village will open each day over the festival weekend and some of the exhibitors will be giving tuition in their own specialist crafts.  One workshop confirmed so far is the Knitting and Crocheting workshop where you will learn to knit a regulation charity blanket size square and crochet a 'granny' square.  Materials will be provided for a small contribution.

Playing for Dancing: Lead musician of the former Concord Ceilidh Band, Rob Carr is well known for his lively melodeon playing. Concord played for ceilidhs and barn dances on the Island for over 15 years and prior to that many of the band members played in groups such as the Black Velvet Band with Dave and Anwyl Williams. So with an impressive history, Rob has offered to run a workshop on playing for dancing. Any instrument is welcome; melodic, percussive, rhythmic or just come and absorb the wisdom!






This event is organised by FolkStation Limited